Temporary import

Our company specializes in submitting requests for a temporary import or alternatively handles with the Authorities of Conditional Exemption Costumes of, on behalf of the client.
We closely accompany the client from the beginning of bid, up to filing all the paperwork, classification in customs unit and preparing a guarantee if necessary.
Further, providing services of managing temporary imports and tracking of customs, right to the end of project or export of goods from Israel.
We have an extended experience in variety fields of temporary importation, amongst others: Special equipment, Packaging and machinery for light and heavy industry
Full or partial exemption of payment for import duties (customs, purchase tax, duty, VAT), is granted for goods released by contingent details of customs tariff and purchase tax subject to fulfilling
certain conditions:

Kindly find several examples of companies or products that are able to submit requests for temporary importation as follows:
1. Institutions, companies and various organizations as International Aid Organizations, Institutions of the UN, MDA, Public museums, Oil service companies and Refineries.
2. Types of goods: Airport equipment, Fuel for civilian aircrafts, Alcohol for medical needs, Equipment for hotels, Public vehicles, Air conditioners and Refrigeration equipment for industrial enterprises.
3. Temporary importation of goods based on international treaties and agreements that Israel signed on, for example: Scientific Equipment, Containers and Packaging devices, Educational equipment, Goods for display or use in fairs, Conferences and similar events.
4. Temporary importation of goods imported for a specific purpose, and is intended for export within a scheduled period and without any essential change.

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