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Stages for the process of release of imported product's:

Free import order approves the import of certain products to Israel with "The Standard Permit".
We at Bell-Mar Shipping company knows how to obtain the information from you, the client,  regarding the product and provide you professional reviews for further treatment in front  of the Israel Standards Institution if necessary, as well as, you will receive  a rate estimate for release and taxes as aforesaid.
All import approval process begins by setting the HS code, which is usually done by the customs broker.

First shipment examination:
it is recommended to handover to the Standard Institution of Israel a sample of the product you want to import , prior importing the entire shipment. If such a sample was presented and the test results were positive , the importer will receive a positive certificate which will serve as a prototype confirmation and as a basis for the provision "Standard Certificate " to products arriving  in future from the same model and the same manufacturer .

Products marked with the Israeli Standards are dismissed from the prototype test.

There are four types of tests:

Full Test:
This test is performed at the beginning stage of import or as a preliminary step for  the import process. The frequency of inspection – one for a model life or at various time periods, determent in advance, depending on the specification of product.

Partial Testing:
The purpose of the test is to determine whether the products are suitable for parts of the standards requirements that apply to them.

Completion Test:
The purpose of the test is done when there is a mutual recognition agreement with any institution abroad, which its test certificate is presented to the Standard Institution, nevertheless, the standard whereby the product has been tested is not identical in all sections to Israeli standard which relevant to the product.

Identification Test:
The purpose of the test is to examine whether imported products are identical to those which have been previously tested with full review (model test).

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