Door2Door Delivery

Global delivery service from the supplier addresses to the recipient, both export and import. The service includes Land/Air transportation to and from any destination worldwide
International delivery service provides the client prompt and effective treatment, including coordination with suppliers, customs agents, land transportation according to the client's needs, etc.

kindly find various appendixes and services of international service Door 2 Door we provide:
1. Storage
Warehousing for goods and cargo in Israel and abroad prior entering the customs inspection and clearance performance.  The services include loading and unloading services.
2. Packaging at client / suppliers premises with complete monitoring
Packaging and containerization is performed by the finest craftsmen in the field, with guidance, counseling and using raw materials designated for each type of goods.

3. Land Transportation - import and export cargoes.
Land transportation services across Israel via strategic partnerships and contracts with the most well established and professional land transport companies in Israel.

Upon receipt of the order from the client we take care in all stages of international delivery execution; in addition we handle the land transportation in Israel and abroad, according to the client requirements, from coordinating with the final customer through transporting and unloading the cargo at his destination by experienced and professional drivers.
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4.International Forwarding
Container transport directly to exports. In case of partial cargo (LCL), the container will be stored and sent according to clients requirement.
All truck loading process or alternatively to the ship / plane is accompanied by the various departments and the agent at destination port who will check prior arrival all necessary documents for quick release of the goods, and if there is a lack whatsoever he will contact the client.
This Service is performed by agent selected in Israel in coordination with the client . by type of delivery- Door to Door or to the port only.
Our agents will release your luggage and cargo and will transport to the required destination – port/factory and unload the contents accordance to instructions received in advance.

Cargo Insurance
Damages that might be caused by force majeure. Fires, floods and such, not under our control, therefore we offer cargo insurance service to all our clients, at a discounted rate - please contact our representatives at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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