Logistics services

Bell-Mar Shipping was established to provide logistical needs of Israeli cosumers as well as around the world while meeting the challenges set by our clients..

The company Provides a wide range of Logistics solutions to business and private customers. accompanied by  professional advise , smart logistics management and full support of the client, storage and handling of the product.

Logistics is a process of planning, implementation and control relating to the flow, effectiveness and efficient storage of products.                   

Logistics is actually a material management and an affiliate service, and in particular supplying a range of products and services in a usable condition and in suitable doses with consideration to where they are needed.

We at Bell - Mar Shipping Ltd offer the consumer a complete package of services in the field of Logistics, created  due to a  deep thoughts concerned for the client needs and usage out of willingness to save you the client time and money, accompanied by experience of over 10 years in products from this field.
All under one roof - allows us ,Bell-Mar Shipping to manage the best supply chain for the customer.

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