Overland transport

The company provides inland transportation services across Israel via a strategic partnership with some of the leading and major companies in the land transport field in Israel, With Vehicles over all parts of Israel.                                                                

  • The rich and diverse experience of the company enable us to provide each and every customer with the solutions that fit his needs.
  • Business networking and partnerships with multinational corporations in the field, allowing the creation of complete solutionsLicense to transport hazardous materials and explosives
  • Expertise in transporting complex out of gauge cargos or factories equipment combined with cranes, Air-bags transportion or any other required means of transportation.
  • Comprehensive insurance, including insurance for goods in transit and להשלים with warehouses.
  • Extensive logistics layout for storage and transportation including container terminals near the ports of Haifa and Ashdod.
  • Extensive fleet of various types of vehicles which are capable to fulfill multi tasks.

Import and Export cargos transportation
Expertise in Inland Transportation  of import and export cargoes upon receival an a purchase order from the client. we take care for all stages of execution , ranging from coordinating with the final customer, through transporting and unloading cargo  according to his destination.
In addition, professionals drivers which are qualified to handle the release of cargo from ports and rear terminals in Haifa, Ashdod and Ben Gurion Airport,  as well as collecting cargos for export and storage at the requested port or terminal.

Types of transportation offered by Bell-Mar:
1. Containers of various sizes , ranging from 20' ft lightweight containers (up to 14 tones include) , heavy 20'ft containers to 40' ft containers high and regular
2. Transportation logistic solutions to all types of general cargos. Among the various types of cargo can be found automobiles, forklifts , iron machines, pipes , heavy surfaces , woods and more. The cargo handling is done on a semitrailer , which we transport to the customer from any required destination to the selected destination. .
3. Transportation by a truck with ramp , cranes , forklifts and mobile tools.
4. refrigerated transportation and climate control
5. Transport of hazardous materials
6. Special transportation of out of gauge cargo .
7. Transportation with seals customs
8. Directly delivery to the vessels
9. Cargo trains Haifa – Ashdod
10. Receiving air cargo by direct delivery at Ben Gurion Airport area


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