Packaging solutions and stuffing

Proper packing is a wide field in itself.
We specialize in packages for different customer needs, ranging from a few kilograms weight products, continuing  with valuable and sensitive equipment to exceptionally high weight equipment. We understand and recognize that the design of the most appropriate packaging product requires multiple thinking and planning and there are many elements that affect the packaging.

This is a small part of the many considerations we operate in order to provide the customer the best finished product for him.

Packaging solutions offered to our customers:

  • Consolidation cartons on wooden pallets and plastic
  • Tightening with plastic wrap and tie using Bands PVC or metal, as required.
  • Packaging Equipment and Machinery - Packaging design combining wood with metal, as required.
  • Extensive experience in packaging of machinery, turbines and valuable equipment.
  • "Vacuum" packaging of sensitive equipment to moisture - using aluminum sheets and soldering them together.
  • Work in a "clean" room
  • Specialize in personal items and artifacts packing
  • Use of flexible packaging materials, cartons, "hanging" clothing cartons etc.
  • Preparing list of contents for customs, stuffing to a container or wooden crates and transportation to the port of destination.

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